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Deluge - Grey

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The Deluge T-shirt.
Celebrating the class victory of the Shelby Cobra 'Daytona' driven by Bob Bondurant
and Jo Schlesser at the Sebring 12 hour race, so-called 'deluge' due to the torrential
rain that drivers had to cope with during the event.
Up tp 5 inches of rain fell in 30 minutes when a storm hit and up to 8 inches of water
covered some areas of the track. However, despite the lack of visibility and some
horrendous accidents, the race continued.
The mechanics of the No.15 Shelby Daytona coupe had to drill holes in the floor to
allow water to drain through, as so many cars struggles with water-filled cars and
drowned electrics. Nevertheless, they managed to 'surf' their way through and as the
rains eventually subsided, and finish 4th overall and 1st in the GT 5.0 class.

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